Are the brackets included?

Yes, all our aquariums come with brackets provided. Except the desktop model.

Do the aquarium dimensions stated include the frame or are they just for the glass section?

Yes, the dimensions include the frame. To work out the glass size, just deduct 11cm from each side.

Can I install on a stud wall?

If installing on a stud wall, the brackets on the aquarium are adjustable to a certain a limit. These can be adjusted to be screwed to the actual wooden studs of the wall. If this is not possible then the wall should be strengthened using a strong wooden sheet/board. You should consult your local handyman.

Can I install on a solid wall?

Yes, installation on a solid brick wall is not an issue.

How do you clean the aquarium?

Thanks to our filtration system, keeping your aquarium clean takes literally a few minutes once a month. Replace approximately ΒΌ of the aquarium water with fresh water, and let our system do the rest. For any queries or advice, give a dedicated member of our team a call and they will gladly assist!

How do I feed the fish?

There is access to feed the fish from the top.

What accessories do I get?

– Powerful Tube Light
– Multi-Function Submersible Filter
– Powerful Siphon Cleaner
– Easy Catch Fish Net
– L shaped mounting brackets

Please Note: Accessories can sometimes vary based on the aquarium model.

What fish should I buy?

You can use small cold water, tropical and marine fish with this tank. Ideally we recommend the use of small tropical fish from the small Tetra family. For best results use a large number of small fish, they will swim in shoals to create extremely stunning visual displays.

How many electrical cables come out the aquarium?

Only one, the accessories plug into the underside of the aquarium (except for Vertical, Port Hole and Desktop models).

How can I hide the cable?

You can use plastic trunking available from local hardware stores. More decorative trunking is also widely available.

How is the aquarium installed?

The underside of the aquarium houses 4 power outlets that can be used for the pump/filter and tube light (Except Vertical, port hole & Desktop models). There is therefore just one cable from the aquarium to the main power source. This greatly improves the aesthetics of the aquarium. Once you have decided on a location for your new aquarium, screw in the wall brackets accompanied by the steel bolts and wall plugs provided. The aquarium simply slots on the brackets and is finally secured by two clips from the top which attach on to both the aquarium and the brackets.

Can you install my aquarium for me?

Sorry, we do not carry out installation. If you are unable to do the install yourself with the instructions provided. Then please consult a local handyman.

Do you provide the fish?


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